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Exploring Calvana on foot is a possibility open to anybody who likes to walk.
The points of access are found not only near the city, but also at higher altitudes.
A vast network of paths is kept open and maintained by various organizations.
The Via della Lana e della Seta (Wool and Silk Road) promotes excursions on Monte Maggiore and Poggio Mandrioni, keeping the paths clean. Other itineraries are cared for by CAI of Prato.
The territory can also be visited with the support of our environmental guides, who know the difficulty of the paths as well as the history and nature of the area.
Programmed excursions are planned under every aspect: from the history of the area to its geology, to nature and the wild horses. You can get to know Calvana through direct encounter with the persons who live and work in close contact with this area.

We also organize, upon request, excursions for private groups, tailored to their level of difficulty and varying preferences.
The excursions are planned and accompanied by environmental nature guides recognized by the Region of Tuscany 86/2016.
Consult the excursions calendar.  Trekking Calvana Selvaggia: 17 km +600 m difference in altitude.


calendario 2021 - trekking calvana e dintorni

Trekking – levels of difficulty

Easy: itinerary over country roads, mule-trails and/or wide, smooth paths without obstacles, passing in the immediate vicinity of towns, tourist localities and historic roadways. Length up to 10 km and/or maximum difference in altitude of 300 m.

Medium: itinerary over paths or clearly defined tracks, or easy off-trail hiking, over varying terrain, at times rough. Possibility of streams to be crossed. Some sections may be exposed, but well protected. Length from 10 km to 18 km and/or difference in altitude ranging from 300 m to 700 m.
Difficulty: itinerary over paths, trails or off-track hikes sometimes difficult, over rough, slippery, stony terrain with exposed sections unsuitable for those suffering from those afraid of heights. Possible streams to be crossed. Length over 18 km and/or difference in altitude over 900 m.

The length of an itinerary is calculated using maps and GPS instrumentation. Length is always indicated in kilometers (km).
Difference in altitude means the sum total of the ascents found along the way and is calculated using maps and GPS instrumentation. The value is always indicated in meters (m).

Regulations for excursions


- At the unquestionable discretion of the Guide, anyone appearing with unsuitable clothing or equipment can be denied participation in the excursion, in accordance with safety regulations.
- If so requested, participants in the excursion shall promptly and diligently comply at any moment – and have adopted by any minors accompanying them – with the behaviour indicated by the Guide.
-During excursions participants are required to respect any instructions given by the Guide, to follow the established route without departing from it, and to refrain from leaving the group or falling behind, except in specific well-motivated cases at the request of the Guide.
-At his/her own discretion the Guide can at any time, for the safety and wellbeing of the excursionists, make changes in the program (or even decide to return). Under no circumstances will fees be reimbursed.
-In case of bad weather, rain or snow, the excursion could be postponed. This will be notified prior to the scheduled departure time. When an excursion has begun and fees have been paid, it shall not be definitively interrupted due to unforeseen weather conditions, except in explicit cases of immediate or presumed danger as judged by the Guide. Should this occur, the interruption of the excursion will not give rise to reimbursement of fees.
-Dogs are allowed, depending on the type of excursion. A leash is required in respect for the other excursionists and for the possible presence of other dogs.
-Excursionists are requested to observe all the basic rules of respect for the environment.


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